SPE Young Professionals Mentoring Program

Who can participate as a Mentee?
Mentoring program provides SPE Student Chapter members (Bachelor - 3rd and 4th year of studies - or Master students) an opportunity to gain industry insight and career guidance from an industry expert. Also they have the chance to gain academic direction.
How long is the commitment?
A mentoring relationship is a 6 months commitment communicating with your mentor (two or more times per month) by email, telephone, Skype or other forms of social media.
What is expected of a Mentee?
Take a proactive role in shaping the relationship.
Communicate what you want from the mentoring relationship including your goals and aspirations. Be open and honest with your mentor about your strengths and weaknesses. Set aside time for the mentoring pro-cess and keep all scheduled appointments with your mentor. Put your time with your mentor to good use by planning topics ahead of the call.
Respond to your mentor’s feedback in a timely manner.
What do Mentors typically share with Mentees?
• Professional experience;
• Industry trends;
• Advices for defining and reaching goals;
• Job interview tips and resume reviews for students;
• Recommendations for additional education or development;
• Academic guidance for students.
What Mentors do not typically provide to Mentees?
• Supplemental tutoring with school projects, papers and research;
• Internships or job offers;

Dear Students,

SPE Romanian Section is officially opening the call for mentors in our Mentoring program for 2019/2020!


What is new at the 4th edition of mentoring program?

Extended program period from six to ten months

New ways of motivating for mentor-mentee teams, based on points and prizes