SPE Young Professionals Mentoring Program

Dear Young Professionals and Student Chapters,

We are glad and happy to announce the start of the third edition of the Mentoring Program.

The edition of this year will start with an introduction event in January 2019, where all the mentors and mentees can get together, meet each other and learn about the Mentoring Program.

Same as previous editions the event is dedicated to SPE Young Professionals Group and students from Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti, University of Bucharest and UAIC Iasi SPE Student Chapters.



What is the YP – Students Mentoring Program 2019 about?

As a Mentor, the program gives you a way to contribute to the Upstream industry by sharing business insights and practical career advices with our university students (bachelor or master) from Ploiesti, Bucuresti or Iasi. In this way, you - the young professional have the unique opportunity to serve as mentors for students. Mentoring a student becomes a powerful personal development and empowerment tool. It is an effective way of helping the ones younger than you to progress in their future careers.

And as a Mentee, it's a reward for petroleum engineering/geology students with a local engineer, that will help students to facilitate the transition from Student to Young Professional. Mentoring program provides, the SPE Student Chapter members (bachelor - 3rd and 4th year of studies - or master students), an opportunity to gain industry insight and career guidance from an industry expert. The mentor can motivate, coach and prepare you for change.

Will be easy to communicate via email, Facebook, Skype, LinkedIn or other social media.

How it works after submitting your application?

You will have the opportunity to apply for 3 Mentors, which will be listed on the SPE Romanian Section Site. Your first option will be sent to the Mentor and because there could be multiple application for the same mentor, the final decision will be made by the mentor.

If the Mentor will not confirm you as a Mentee, don’t worry, the second option will be than sent and so forth. We’ll be managing the matching process so that we could find a mentor for all of the applicants.After everything will be set the contact between the mentor and mentee will be done using the online platform eMentoring .

As mentioned above, the Mentors and Mentees have the chance to met in January 2019. The event will be announced as soon as possible.