25 Years Anniversary Gala Dinner

SPE Romanian Section has celebrated in October 2019 the 25th anniversary.

All the members were invited also Mr. Jean-Marc Dumas (Regional SPE Director) was honor us with his presence. The event took place in Ploiesti, and one of the most important achievement was to gather together a large number of officers and section board members from the past 25 years.


SPE YP Beyond the Borders event
A partnership between 3 great SPE Sections

The partnership between Romanian, Italian and France sections at the level of Young Professionals is the first of it’s kind, and was constituted in 3 extraordinary sessions, one in each country. Its purpose was to enhnance the growth and share knowledge between the young members of these countries. The program was a total success and the collaboration between the 3 sections was a real pleasure


UAIC Iasi Student Chapter foundation
Expanding the SPE ideology to the incoming generation of young professionals

The newest Student Chapter in the Romanian Section stormed in with very high energy and desire to use the available knowledge, and push the limits of Geology to it’s extent. With a great leadership and dedicated members, proved to be a core pillar in the SPE Romanian Section.


Bucharest University Student Chapter foundation
Expanding the SPE ideology to the incoming generation of young professionals

The second student chapter created focusing mainly on Geology and Geophysics topics. Very active and focused, has earned it’s name through great devotement and practical thinking.


SPE Young Professional Section foundation
Actively involve the professionals with the age under 35 years old

A professional network between individuals with the age lower or with maximum 35 years old. It also maintains open discussions with the student chapters and seniors from SPE to improve the quality of incoming events. The main driver in the development of SPE professionals at the beginning of career.

2011 – 2016

2 SPE International President visits
Sustaining the growth of a succesfull section

The visit of the 2 SPE presidents were a great honour for the SPE Romanian Section. First president was Alain Labastie in 2011 which visited the Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti and expressed the real concerns but also benefits that the petroleum industry is dealing with, and why SPE is a major tool in the growth of a new generation of petroleum experts.

The second one was Nathan Meehan in 2016 that participated in a Q&A session and also held a very interesting technical event about “Sustainability Challenges in Oil and Gas”, which changed the perspective of many attendees towards the industry


3 SPE Century Club Members
Over 100 SPE members recruited

These awards were offered with pride by SPE International to our members Badiu Vasile in 2011, Badea Manuela in 2013 and Raducu Carmen in 2016. Their contribution to the development of the Romanian Section is categorized as being outstanding!


Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti Student Chapter foundation
Expanding the SPE ideology to the incoming generation of young professionals

The first student chapter created, with a major contribution in the development of SPE Romanian Section. One of the most active and ingenious student chapters currently existing in Romanian Section.

2008 – ongoing

Constantin Gh. Popa Paper & Poster Contest
Rewarding best paper and poster publications

The event is addressed to the student chapters with the scope of enhancing the answers to the growing oil challenges through publications. Year by year, this event has been a major success!


Christmas Party
The celebration of Christmas through a social event with the scope of strenghtening the bond between the SPE members

Every year, the Romanian section is gathering to celebrate the Christmas, offering the possibility for all the members to socialize and relax in a very organized way. The event is always full of surprises with a lot of singin and dancing.
Every year we have been honoured to have as participants some of the most notorious figures of romanian oil and gas industry but also very famous international experts


150 Years of the Romanian Petroleum Industry
4 days Conference in Bucharest

The session included 1 day Ice-breaker, 2 days of technical sessions (for Exploration, Seismic, Drilling and Completions, Facilities and Constructions, Production and Operations, Reservoir Characterisation and Dynamics, Reservoir Management, Economics and Environment topics) and 1 day field trip to geological outcrops, hydrocarbon fields and Romanian heritage sites, all mixed up with traditional gastronomy

2000 – 2018

Over 25 Awards from SPE International
Rewards received for outstanding contribution to the development of SPE community

The following rewards were offered by SPE International to specific SPE Romanian Section members for their contribution to the growing community of SPE Worldwide. These awards were for adding growth to the section, added quality with exceptional technical presentations or supporting the community with their expertise.

1994 – ongoing

Ion Adamache Young Professionals Paper Contest
Rewarding best research works

Each year, SPE Romanian Section had a major contribution together with ICPT Campina in rewarding the best romanian young professionals research works.