Cirstian Felicia
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Dumitru Gherghiceanu
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Radu Patrascu
Program Support
George Maghiran
Program Suport
Codrut Stefan Sararu
Sponsorship Chairperson
Vasile Dan Sindilar
Lab & Research Chairperson
Alexandru Vlad Ghita
Communication Chairperson
Vasile Badiu
Paper Publications Mentor
Rodica Sasu
Technology Transfer Officer
Valentin Batistatu
Students Development Chairperson
Dana Vlad
U of B Student Chapter Liaison
Mihai Minescu
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Ciprian Chelariu
UAIC Iasi Student Chapter
Lazar Avram
Scholarship Chairperson
Ion Foidaş
Medias Group Chairperson
Nicolae Andrea
Medias Group Sponsorship Chairperson
Diana Lupu
Young Professionals Medias Chairperson
Dragomir Alexandru
Past Section Chairperson

Mr. Dragomir Alexandru has worked from 1996 to 2005 as researcher at the Institute for Research and Technology (I.C.P.T.) Campina – Prahova. In this period he led different teams for several research & non-research projects including Frac-Pack Completion implementation between 1998 - 2000. Today, as a Sand Control & Stimulation Manager at OMV Petrom S.A., he's leading a team of professionals, achieving high performance in enhancement of oil & gas production.
Within SPE, as past Romanian Section Chairperson, he promotes knowledge and experience sharing between all professionals from the petroleum industry.