Section Board

Alexandru Dragomir
Section Chairperson

Mr. Dragomir Alexandru has worked from 1996 to 2005 as researcher at the Institute for Research and Technology (I.C.P.T.) Campina – Prahova. In this period he led different teams for several research & non-research projects including Frac-Pack Completion implementation between 1998 - 2000. Today, as a Sand Control & Stimulation Manager at OMV Petrom S.A., he's leading a team of professionals, achieving high performance in enhancement of oil & gas production.
Within SPE, as Romanian Section Chairperson, he promotes knowledge and experience sharing between all professionals from the petroleum industry.

George Maghiran
Program Chairperson

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Alexandru Czika
Membership Chairperson

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Ioana Popescu

With a background in Chemical Engineering, Ioana joined the oil and gas industry 6 years ago. She graduated from the University of Bucharest and continued her studies at Oil and Gas University of Ploiesti where she studied chemistry in petroleum industry. Now she works as drilling fluids specialist and is involved in research projects of both drilling fluids and corrosion in oil and gas industries.
She strongly believes that one can not technically succeed unless the fundamentals of the practiced technical domain are not completely understood. There is difference in the details!

Laura Precupanu

With a Master degree in Chemical Engineering, Laura joined the Oil & Gas business 10 years ago. Currently working as Senior Stimulation Engineer for OMV Petrom, she has real interest for technical disciplines like production operations, production chemicals, completion, workover operations.
She volunteer as Secretary of the Romanian Section to help developing and organize technical and professionals events.

Gabrijel Grubac
Young Professionals Chairperson

With a background in Petroleum Engineering, Gabrijel is a stimulation engineer with an international experience including USA,UAE and Saudi Arabia. After graduating at the University of Wyoming(USA), Gabrijel started his career in stimulation of unconventional assets in the US. Shortly afterwards, the opportunity presented itself and he was involved in acid and proppant stimulation design and implementation in offshore and onshore fields across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Having accumulated the Middle East experience, USA presented itself as a new challenge where for a year he was involved in stimulation of unconventional assets in North Dakota implementing some of the newest approaches and technologies in hydraulic fracturing.

Gabrijel is currently part of the Production Technology team in OMV Petrom as a senior stimulation engineer where he is involved in accomplishing stimulation projects in offshore Black Sea.
It is a simple concept. You work hard – you obtain results. And then you work harder to optimize results to a point beyond initial expectations. Ultimately work on being better every day, better professionally and better as a person. That is how we make this world a better place.