Young Professionals

About us

The Young Professionals Program is an initiative sponsored by the Society of Petroleum Engineers Romania. The main purpose of YP is to build a professional network between individuals with less than 10 years of experience in Oil & Gas Industry. Young Professionals organize activities that support SPE Chapters.

Mission and Objectives:
• Encourage Young Professionals below 35 years old to become actively involved in SPE Romania activities;
• Support for Bucharest, Ploiesti and Iasi SPE Student Chapters activities;
• Connect Local and International Experts from Oil & Gas Industry with the young professionals;
• Promote, support and participate in charitable, education, humanitarian and social community services at the Section and Student Chapter’s level, with the new SPE International Initiative SPE Cares;
• Support young professional career by assisting in, and developing their personal and professional skills.
• Provide professional, personal and networking development opportunities to young professionals so they may challenge and lead the industry in a culture of mentorship.

Today is the best moment to acknowledge that Oil Industry is a continuous changing environment and the only way to face these challenges is by involvement and courage.

Although our target audience is for those professionals with less than 10 years of industry experience, we encourage professionals from all experience levels to attend our events!



SPE YP Romanian Section - Chairperson

After graduating from Petroleum- Gas University of Ploiesti as a Petroleum Engineer, Tatiana joined Schlumberger in 2017 as a M-I SWACO Field Engineer, her focus being drilling and completion fluids systems.

She has been active in SPE since 2013 and believes that SPE is a platform which can greatly contribute to developing technical and non-technical leadership of the members, which further drives positive change in their companies and in the society.

Diana LUPU

SPE YP Romanian Section - Chairperson Medias Group

She joined the Romgaz team in January 2017 as Production Engineer and is working with a great team in gas mature field rehabilitation projects. She graduated Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu major in Gas Engineering and Economical Engineering and has a Master degree in Gas Engineering. Upon university graduation she started to work as a Production technologist for Schulmberger Production Management.
Her main tasks are production enhancement, facilities optimization and debottlenecking, well modeling, reservoir engineering analysis, well performance analysis and compression.

Florina NEGRU

SPE YP Romanian Section - Program Chairperson

With a background in chemical engineering and geology, Florina is a geoscientist with experience both on exploration and development projects for oil and gas productive areas in Romania.
After graduating University of Bucharest with a bachelor degree in Geological Engineering and a Master degree in Geological Sciences, Florina joined OMV Petrom as a geoscientist where her main interest was related to basin modeling and geochemical data interpretation.

Since February 2018 she accepted a new career challenge and joined ROMGAZ as Geologist Engineer. Currently she is part of a team responsible for gas mature field rehabilitation and her main tasks are well logs correlation, seismic interpretation, structural and property modeling.

Alexandru Vlad GHITA

SPE YP Romanian Section - Communication Chairperson

Alexandru graduated Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti with bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering and has a Master degree also in Mechanics.

He started to work in 2012 as Manufacturing Engineer in Cameron, and since 2014 he works in OMV-Petrom as Production Engineer. Recently he accepted the challenges and he moved to Project Management in Maintenance and Integrity department.

Gabrijel GRUBAC

SPE YP Romanian Section - Program

With a background in Petroleum Engineering, Gabrijel is a stimulation engineer with an international experience including USA,UAE and Saudi Arabia. After graduating at the University of Wyoming(USA), Gabrijel started his career in stimulation of unconventional assets in the US. Shortly afterwards, the opportunity presented itself and he was involved in acid and proppant stimulation design and implementation in offshore and onshore fields across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Having accumulated the Middle East experience, USA presented itself as a new challenge where for a year he was involved in stimulation of unconventional assets in North Dakota implementing some of the newest approaches and technologies in hydraulic fracturing.

Gabrijel is currently part of the Production Technology team in OMV Petrom as a senior stimulation engineer where he is involved in accomplishing stimulation projects in offshore Black Sea.
It is a simple concept. You work hard – you obtain results. And then you work harder to optimize results to a point beyond initial expectations. Ultimately work on being better every day, better professionally and better as a person. That is how we make this world a better place.



Vasile Cosmin TRIF

• Position and College: Professional Stimulation Engineering at OMV Petrom & MSc in Petroleum Engineering at Montanuniversitaet Leoben
• Experience/Vision/Motto : “Your attitude, not your aptitude, determines your altitude.”
• What sets you apart?
“Everything related to nature, food and sports is what I like”


Mihaela Georgiana COMAN

• Position and College: Drilling Engineer graduated Petroleum Engineering and Petro Chemistry – Petroleum - Gas University of Ploiesti
• Experience/Vision/Motto: 6 years’ experience as Drilling Engineer within Well Engineering Department OMV Petrom
• What sets you apart?
“Ambitious - Take initiative!”


Silvia Iulia NEAGU

• Position and College: Drilling engineer; Studied on Oil & Gas University from Ploiesti / Bachelor’s degree – “Mechanical Engineering and Management” / Master’s degree – “Transport, Storage and Distribution of Hydrocarbons”
• Experience/Vision/Motto: I am working with OMV Petrom for 7 years, being part of Well Engineering Department. As Drilling Engineer I prepare the design and planning phase of the offshore development and exploration wells, supporting not only the technical aspects of the projects but also the permitting part required to start the operations. The job is not finished by preparing the planning part, is continued by giving support to operational team during construction phase. Overall, the job is very interesting and everyday has it’s challenges.


Crina-Geanina ALEXANDRU

• Position and College info: Halliburton Business Development, Tenders and contracts coordinator for Eastern Europe, graduated from University of Bucharest, with a Master’s degree in International Relations and European Integration
• Experience: 5 years experience in the oil & gas industry, focusing on global process excellence to create value for our customers.
• Vision/Motto: "With willing hearts and skillful hands, the difficult we do at once. The impossible takes a bit longer!"



• Position and College: Junior Completion Engineer
• Experience/Vision/Motto: I’m fresh graduated, I am enjoying to be part of Completion Team
• Motto: “ Where there is a will, there is a way “
• What sets you apart?
“I like to run charity marathon and to follow shows airplane crashes”


Laura Blanka SZASZ

• Position and College: Junior Drilling Engineer, graduated UPG Ploiesti – Oil and Gas Engineering
• Experience/Vision/Motto : "When you can’t change the direction of the wind, adjust your sails“
H.Jackson Brown Jr



• Position: Contract Management& Claims Engineer.
• College info :Maritime university of Contanta.
• Experience and something interesting about you -8 years experience in oil and gas industry, 5 years as a Mechanical Engineer.
• Vision: “Growth, Development.”
• Motto: ”The business of life is the acquisition of memories, as in the end that is all there is!”
• What sets you apart?
“Energetic, enthusiasm, passion about work, team-player, responsibility as human to leave a good blueprint.”


Erika Johana TOVAR

• Position and College: Business Development Continental Europe – Production Enhancement/Petroleum Engineer from Universidad de America, Bogota, Colombia and MBA from Cerem Business School, Spain
• Experience/Vision/Motto : 8 years of experience in the O&G industry.
• What sets you apart?
“Colombian, very passionate leader for what I do and believe. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling around the world, visiting my family in Colombia, meeting new people, new cultures and places. I like soccer, volleyball and golf.
Strong believer that everything that happens has a reason to be and that dreams come true with effort and dedication.”



• Position and College: Production Technologist / MSc. Petroleum Engineering from Mining University of Leoben
• Experience/Vision/Motto: 7 year experience in the oil and gas industry with focus on Production Engineering


Mario Ernesto Rayo MUNOZ

• Position and College: Technical Professional Continental Europe – Production Enhancement / Petroleum Engineer from Universidad Surcolombiana, Neiva, Colombia and MBA from Cerem Business School, Spain
• Experience/Vision/Motto: 6 years of experience in the O&G industry
• What sets you apart?
“I am Colombian with good team-working skills. In my days off, I enjoy visiting my family and friends, learning about different cultures, reading books. One of my passion is playing tennis and soccer.”